Is The New: Rachel Bilson & Pam Anderson

rachel bilson to instyle.jpg

Rachel Bilson's landed her own InStyle column in what might be the most genius starlet-meets-fashion move we've heard in a long, long time.

Since The OC, Rachel's wandered in and out of a couple of movies and launched a line with DKNY, but it's her style that keeps her on everyone's radar.

The magazine's managing editor said that most women answer, "Rachel Bilson," when asked whose style they admire and so they recruited the California girl to write a page or two in the magazine in which she discusses her favorite trends and what she wants to buy for the month. She'll also answer readers' style questions.

Rachel tells WWD, “I am not planning on quitting my day job to be a full-time fashion editor, although I am really enjoying it and it intrigues me very much."

We're not sure what her day job is, but we think she'd make a kind of awesome fashion editor.

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