Is the New: Marion Cotillard and Lisa Fonssagrives?

marion cotillard looks scared lisa fonssagrives looks carefree but is scaring me.jpg

Ok, clearly we don't actually think that. Anyway...

One for all you photo freaks out there:

Does the shot of Marion Cotillard on the Eiffel Tower shot by Peter Lindbergh (thanks, WWD) remind anyone else of the divine Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn on the Eiffel Tower shot by Erwin Blumenfeld in 1939?

Even though Lisa makes it look like a ferris wheel and Marion like a death trap, we think so.

Class discussion, please.

PS Just for fun, I've added two photos of another model standing precariously on another building that one of my old professors just passed along to me. Bonus points if you can name both the model and photographer.

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