Is the New: Interview and Britney Spears

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Today is Britney Spears Re-invention Day.

The 90's pop tart's launching both her Candie's campaign and her new world tour which means she's back to being a girl after being a Rodarte-wearing woman for a moment.

We're drawing a twisted parallel to Interview - one of our favorite magazines that just can't make up its mind. Its inner turmoil is awfully public and its readers are awfully confused. When Fabien Baron and Karl Templer took control last summer, they bled fashion into the magazine with a heavy dose of rock n' roll edge. Kate Moss landed the inaugural cover, Stephanie Seymour was named Fashion Contributor and there were models in Margiela all over the place.

But now, with Baron and Templer out and Paris-based creative team M/M in, they told The Daily they're going for "model-lite editorials" and a more retro design - not so interested in being on the cutting edge of the fashion world, apparently, which is strange since we're pretty sure those who inhabit it are the ones who read Interview.

How much can a magazine drastically change its appearance, content and focus before seriously alienating its readers? More importantly, while all the controversy and behind-the-scenes drama has garnered Interview loads of press this past year, at some point, might it not be best to handle the changes and transitions quietly and let readers learn for themselves what is changing, instead of publicly and loudly declaring a new mission every eight months?

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