“Is That Red 90210 Red?”

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Apparently, 90210 is the zip that keeps on giving.

Because believe it or not, there's not one, not two, but four separate nail polishes dedicated to the city of ostentatious wealth. Kind of ironic in these times of financial strife, no?

OPI's three-piece 90210 collection is based, unfortunately, on the new craptastic CW show. Props to the brand for the idea, but where were you when the original and far superior show was a weekly ritual? I would have been all over a Brenda nail polish like, well, Brenda on Dylan.

Alas, the three polishes are themed on lackluster Annie, Silver and Naomi. Though unlike their namesakes, all three shades are versatile and complementary, with the crimson and shimmery purple at $8.50 each and available now.

Not to be outdone, Essie's teamed up with the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitor's Bureau to create Love, Beverly Hills xx. The shade, available this month, is a racy red (at left) with a golden shimmer courtesy of actual 24 karat pure gold. Of course.

So in case you were wondering (and we totally know you were), the official color of Beverly Hills isn't black (as in AmEx or Lauren Conrad's shade of choice) or platinum (as in wedding band) - it's rich and shiny red.

--MEGAN MCINTYRE (our new weekly beauty columnist!)

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