Iisli Layers it Up

isli front.jpg

On our last day of Fashion Week, it was a nice change to only have to walk a couple blocks from our office to the Iisli presentation at their store on Bond st.

After walking into the store, which kind of looks like a a big white box floating within a storefront, we spotted mannequins dressed in the most comfy looking duds. Barely after glimpsing the first scarf atop sweater atop blouse we're told that this season, Iisli is all about layering. Each mannequin is indeed swathed in the softest looking knits, with chiffon and silk popping up here and there. Our favorite parts were the small details in unexpected places - a leather collar on a feminine chiffon blouse, knit fringing along a hem, and corset bones knit into a sweater.

We were then directed towards a look that Isli calls her "modern suit" which consists of knit leggings, loose blouse and a cozy sweater jacket - if this is what modernity looks like then we're loving the times. A lot of Isli's looks were made up of clothes so comfy you could sleep in them - notching groundbreaking, but surely lovable.


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