I Know What You Wore Last Week

anna wintour in one of her prada fashion week favorites.jpg

With everyone claiming they're cutting back, whether out of necessity or good taste, it's their closets that often take the first hit.

Vintage clothes are flying off shelves, logos have lost their luster, and Vogue's covering socialite clothes-swapping parties - it's certainly a different time.

R-word or not, I've always been this way. By the end of winter, my wardrobe's been repeated so often I think I may have to put my black DVF dress on permanent retirement (Olivia Palermo: 1, Carson: A billion). I wear the same outfits to events and think, "If I see the same people, am I going to get the look?" These days, I just convince myself that if I wear pieces that transition from day to night and that everybody else isn't spending like they used to either, then I should get away with it just fine - But then somebody whips out a camera and I find myself ducking for cover.

And while I may be more concerned about my repeat outfits on Facebook than in the party pictures on Style.com, the question still remains: How soon is too soon to wear the same thing?


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