How Much Are You Willing To Take Off?


You know we love the pantsless look. Many hate on Lady Gaga. I, however, am not one of them and happen to like what she's brought to the pop-culture forefront.

But, really, how far are you willing to undress in the name of dressing?

Between the Dior couture show yesterday - in all its garter-ed and sheer glory - and the fact that Rihanna went out over the weekend in pasties and a blazer, we started asking ourselves the same question.

Now, of course, having a supremely stellar figure (or not) does probably weigh into this decision.

But even in a purely hypothetical sense, I think I'm going to have to say yes to garters (though I think I'll take the sheer skirt over the top) and no to the pasties. Because, well, they're pasties and that's just too far. Plus no one needs to see me like that. Seriously.

What about you?

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