How do Jeremy and Cory Know Eachother?

cory kennedy by jeremy scott 1.jpg

Whenever I see pictures of Cory Kennedy everywhere, we always want to ask, exactly what is she? But lately, I've come to realize that, at best, she's basically a model.

Hear me out - she's been the face of Urban Decay, she sprinkles hipster stardust on whomever's in her vicinity, and she became famous in the first place because of some inexplicable attachment people felt to photographs of her that took over the internet/pop culture world.

Even still, we were a little surprised to come across these pictures of her shot by Jeremy Scott for Celeste.

We're not sure why we actually really like them - maybe it's because she's actually working it in true model form in each photo, or maybe we're just one of the millions that can't look away - but we do, and so we're wondering:

Is this the beginning of Cory, Actual Model?

You decide.


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