Hilary Duff's Femme for DKNY

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I'm sad I went on a celebrity/model/actress collaboration rant the other day; I should've saved my speech for this.

In February, we mentioned Hilary Duff was designing a line for DKNY (home of Rachel Bilson's line, too) under the name Femme. The one image, of her in a fringed tee and leather vest wasn't awful, though wasn't groundbreaking.

So now, the ad campaign's out, shot by Scott Schuman naturally, and for the first time, we believe the celebrity wearing the outfit physically designed the outfit.

But really, Scott would never shoot that on the street, HIlary Duff would never wear it (she looks miserable!) and more importantly, the customer interested in purchasing something designed by a former Disney star doesn't want a cocoon, right?

We're banking on the fact that it's just styled to get your attention and the whole line doesn't actually look like it's trying to explore some avant-garde aspect of otherwise commercial fashion, because what's in that picture is not what this flailing industry needs.

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