Hermes Sale: The Deal

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Ok, we've received about 800 e-mails today asking about the status of the Hermes sale, so we dispatched Fashionista friend Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin from, and here's what she saw:

1. The line is from the middle of the block all the way to Sixth Ave (they're only letting in a certain number of people at a time) - but, we hear if you walk up like you're somebody who shouldn't be waiting in a line, they let you right in.

2. The whole thing is incredibly civilized: dressing rooms, tons of people to clean things up, polite employees, plenty of space to check things out, shelves, etc.

3. The goods are so-so: Don't expect to find a Birkin - the bags are mostly canvas totes that we've never even seen anyone carry. There are hardly any shoes at all, and the clothes are mostly very uptown, very ladylike - think flowery dresses and cashmere sweaters. But at least there's a wide range of sizes stocked - at this point, anyway - even the teeny-tiny ones.

4. This could actually be a decent place to get some impressive holiday gifts - there are tons of scarves and ties, and the menswear section is practically untouched. But also, there's tons of china (mugs for $39), bathrobes (but like $342) and even baby booties ($54), if that's your thing.

5. It might be easy to get in, but the line to pay goes all the way from the front of the space to the back, so that might be a little while.

Ok. And now you know.

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