Hearst: Are You the New Avedon?

richard avedon photo.jpg

The Hearst Corporation is looking for the next standout (and as of yet undiscovered), bust out photographer, and their doing it in competition style.

They've just announced the beginning of their Hearst 8 x 10 Photography Biennial Competition, for which photographers with at least 2 years of professional experience can apply for the chance to be one of eight lucky winners whose work ends up showcased in the Hearst Tower lobby - and smack in front of the eyes of judges like David Granger, Donna Karan, Peter Lindbergh, and a few other people capable of making a young photographer's career a living possibility.

You can apply between now and January on the competition's site.

And good luck - we could use more than oases backdrops and hopping models in our magazines.

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