Hats On


We find ourselves sitting here pondering: what would Vivian do? Yes, that would be the Vivian played by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

You see, we've now actually been invited to the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic which we already imagined like a scene out of the the movie.

You may also remember us swooning over Prince Harry's attendance. We weren't sure we'd be able to go, but now that we are, we're flummoxed over hat choices.

While we may not share a profession with the fictional Viv, much like her, we don't oft have occasion (or inclination) to wear the type of hat that feels proper for an afternoon of polo on Governor's Island.

We also don't have Edward's credit card to max out.

Plus, we've always found that hats are one of the hardest things to shop for. Any shop suggestions that carry options that might also work for beach weekends? Oh, and we're also in the market for something for our everyday city-centric selves, too.

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