Harper's Bazaar, Is That You?


We just saw the new cover of Harper's Bazaar online and let us say that we were a bit surprised.

The cover image is pick-up art from a red carpet event back in December, so the shot may look familiar to you. And inside there is no accompanying interview with the usually candid Angie. Instead, there is an essay by Naomi Wolf (of The Beauty Myth fame) titled "Why Women Want Angelina Jolie's Life" which we think is rather obvious. But that's not even our problem here.

Bazaar is meant to be one of our venerable American fashion magazines. And this reeks of tabloids, more than fashion.

I worked in magazines for many, many years. The importance of newsstand sales is something I know all too well. But throwing Angelina's face onto the cover and doing a write-around story is such an obvious sales ploy that it makes me sad for Bazaar and for the state of magazines in general.

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