Hari Launches a Website

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So, it's January and it's time to put those New Year resolutions into practice - cut down the alcohol intake, quit the smokes and get down to the gym. Realistically, the only achievable one is get a gym membership (and hopefully, you'll actually use it).

But dressing for the gym can be quite a drama. You're obviously going for the sole reason of getting fit, but you don’t want to look like a WAG, head-to-toe in a pink Juicy tracksuit or Olivia Newton John circa "let's get physical"-inspired. Right?

So good news: In 2007, Lainey Sheridan-Young (formerly of Conde Nast as a stylist and booking agent) launched Hari, a British lifestyle brand for girls who want to workout and look like themselves at the same time. Better news: The line now has a functioning website (you'll even find Daisy Lowe in there modeling some Fall looks) so you can check out their stock.

But if you want some, you may be fighting with Cheryl Cole and Madonna (in a dream version of shopping for gym clothes, of course) - They're both huge fans.


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