Hand Over Your Wallet


I've been trolling the internet looking for wallets. For Britt. The girl literally stuffs her cash, credit cards, etc into her bag with reckless abandon and zero organization.

It makes me nervous in a "feel like my mom way" every time I see her reach into her bag. Seriously, it's given me major agita.

And in the meantime, I've realized that my own M by MJ is about a hundred years old and covered in pen marks, so maybe I should upgrade too..

This afternoon I happened upon this darling See by Chloe wallet that just happens to be on sale at Shopbop. It's not the cheapest, but I have no problem investing in something that I use every single day. And will likely keep for years.

Plus, how happy would this make you every time you saw its bright green color and fun little cutouts.

Britt, however is in the market for something simpler. More like classic Prada or YSL. But if she doesn't get one soon, I'm going to have to buy her one, if only to stop my multiple daily panic attacks. Feel free to send suggestions.

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