Gotta Get a Goot

josh goot aw09 .JPG

I've been salivating over shoes this week.

At yesterday's Josh Goot show, I literally had to hold myself to the chair so as not to grab the two-toned platform wedges off the models' feet. I'm not even sure if they were suede or slightly furry leather, but I want them alongside my imaginary collection of Charles Anastase stompers, Charlotte Olympia for Krystof platforms, Basso & Brooke elf shoes, Vivienne Westwood bondage sandals and everything else that I dream about.

The dresses and suits that went along with the shoes were pretty, too. There were two parts to the large collection: The first was a grouping of clingy, pinkish-beige and black, two-toned dresses, and the second made up of ruched pieces in what looked like a paint-splattered print.

Basically, I walked away from the show thinking about shoes and about how lovely it would be to be 5'10'' and 110 pounds (ok, not really) so I could wear skin-tight nude dresses.

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