Gisele Cuts Her Own Hair (Do You?)

gisele with shorter hair in dior ad.jpg

Ok, not really. But Plum Sykes' article on shoulder-length hair in the new March Vogue does explain how Gisele ended up chopping off her Gisele Hair, copied by thousands of magazine-gripping women everywhere: Apparently, she spaced, cut her super long hair to her shoulders, then freaked out and called her hairdresser at John Frieda in shock (we're sure he helped shape it up later).

The thing I find most funny is that I've been cutting (ok, trimming) my own hair for years. I haven't seen the inside of a professional salon in about a decade (I just put my hair in the most even braid possible every few weeks, then chop off about an inch), which has worked out quite nicely for my shoe budget.

I've always thought that unless you're doing an all out Audrey Hepburn-inspired cut-a-thon, you can probably get away with most styles on your own - most girls I see just have long hair with a few shorter pieces in the front anyway.

Do you cut your own hair at home? Or does that just sound like a bad Full House waiting to happen?

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