Get Ready, RuPaul is Back

rupauls drag race.jpg

Nothing like news of RuPaul's new TV show to make the day more interesting.

The famous drag queen is making her way back into the public eye with a new television (and online) series, RuPaul's Drag Race, in which she coaches (as a man) and judges (as a woman) nine competing drag queens, with names like Bebe and Nina Flowers, from around the country. Contestants will be judged on fashion design, modeling, singing and performing.

Santino Rice from season two of Project Runway sits on the permanent judges panel, which includes weekly celebrity guest judges like Bob Mackie and Tori Spelling.

We hope to god this means Mackie will design most of their outfits, though the best part will definitely be the eliminations.

After the bottom two contestants are chosen, they'll have to compete in a "'lip-synch for your life" performance that will determine if they will 'shante' and stay or 'sashay' away."

The show debuts February 2nd at 10pm EST on Logo. DVR now.

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