Georgina Jewels for Garrard

Georgina Chapman for Garrard.jpg

Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, (remember, Keren's just the co-founder), is the new "guest designer" for Garrard.

The long term partnership starts now, but the first collection drops during Spring 10's New York Fashion Week, probably around the necks and wrists of models wearing very pretty dresses.

Georgina said, "Jewelry is so interesting because, like fashion, it has a history. People have long been ornamenting their bodies."

We picture the jewels big and extremely girly - the kind of thing that screams costume but costs millions. They will pair well with the dresses, whatever they'll look like a year from now, but we kind of wish Georgina would separate the two and continue to feature new, and sometimes contrasting, jewelry designs on her runways, (or in her presentation spaces).

Also, on an entirely different note, isn't this when Rachel Zoe's jewelry line will debut? She and Georgina will make for the most glamorous competition ever.

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