Generra Makes Clothes We Want to Wear


Walking to the Generra presentation at an event space on 26th street yesterday, we couldn't help thinking that it felt more like Autumn than February. Of course, this only made us want all the warm, woolly, Fall pieces at Generra even more.

The clothes were exactly what you'd want to be wearing on a blustery October night - tons of layers, warm knits and comfy shapes. The palette was mostly gray, with pops of burgundy and some dark plaid and neutral khaki thrown into the mix. All the models had on thick woolly socks, some layered over gray tights, others peeping out just below a hemmed pant leg. We know how that must sound, but it kind of made us want to pair our old Grandpa socks with our best heels.

Albeit there was nothing so shockingly new at the presentation; we've kept the dark plaids and the overall grunge feeling of yesteryear, and yet it was oddly enjoyable to walk out feeling like we would wear each piece now if we had the chance. Now if only we could get our hair to wave like that when it actually is blustering.


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