Free Spa Treatments at Molton Brown!

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Freebies make me happy. Like kid-hyped-up-on-Halloween-candy happy. Free samples? Yes, please. Free coffee day at Dunkin n’ Donuts? I don’t even drink coffee, but hey why not?

And free spa treatments? Hell yes:

This Friday, London-born beauty brand Molton Brown is offering free treatments to any customers that visit their flagship stores (US locations here). That’s right, you don’t even need to buy anything, just walk in the door and it’s yours for the taking. Enjoy some yummy cookies and tea (also free) while you ponder which remedy to indulge in — an aromatherapy head and temple massage, a "nourishing" hand and nail treatment, or a "purifying and exfoliating" hand treatment.

The gratis services are being provided to introduce fickle, cash-strapped consumers to the brand’s new spa treatment line, Body Therapies. Drop by to take advantage of their newfound generosity, and, if you’re in a giving mood yourself, pick up a Body Therapie or two. Customers who purchase two or more products at this mini free fest will receive a complimentary travel Therapies collection.

But if nothing else, at least stop by for the free cookies. They’re cookies, they’re free, and you can eat them with one hand while someone massages the other - Need I say more?


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