Flea Fever


I used to be such a great flea-market shopper. I had the touch for finding the perfect (and cheap) mid-century modern table to hold my TV or the most genius antique jewelry.

And don't even get me started on the joy I would get on that one Sunday a month at the Rose Bowl Flea Market during my SoCal years. Lately, I've lost my passion and haven't been to one in ages.

But I plan to change that this weekend by heading over to the Brooklyn Flea in Brooklyn Bridge Park and checking out, among all the vintage and trinkets, Time Out New York's booth. They've got Tauk, Cheap Monday, Heather Huey, and lots more, all at discounted prices.

This summer I'm finding my treasure-hunting mojo if it kills me. What's your favorite flea market and the best thing you ever found there?

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