First Look: Jason Wu Post Obama

Jason Wu Fall 09 13.jpg

The Jason Wu show at Exit Art this afternoon was, how should we put it?, insane.

Last season, there was enough room for a pick up game of Frisbee, should anyone have been so inclined. This time, it was one of those shows so super packed that the standing section had a better view than half the seats.

Accordingly, I snagged a spot standing over Mickey & Lynn (Lynn was stunned that the show was for Fall, and Mickey couldn't remember his sex joke). The show didn't start until a good fifteen minutes after Anna's arrival, and a very long time after Robert Verdi and one of the ANTM judges (graciously) took their spots in the standing section, too.

The show finally started after Julie Gilhart arrived, and it was filled with very pretty clothes meant more for photographing than anything else.

We're sure Michelle will have much to pick from for the coming year.

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