First Look: Doo.Ri's Under.Ligne

doo ri under ligne 1.jpg

Doo.Ri held a preview of her new line in Chelsea last night.

About ten looks from Under.Ligne were revealed to press and buyers - spotted Vogue and Barneys in the crowd - in an open loft buzzing with pre-Fashion Week energy.

The clothes were underwhelming - mostly jersey, mostly draped, sometimes stretched and sometimes stitched in a neutral palette of black, white and grey. A few dresses were awkwardly paired with rhinestone encrusted lace tights. There was a slightly ruffled leather jacket and a killer pair of skin-tight black legging/pants with intricate seams and zippers up the back that we wish we could have now.

Other than that it just got us in the Fashion Week mood - we're ready to be wowed!

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