Feeling Lucky?

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There's been a mid-season scramble for interns.

As magazines crash and editorial teams fall by the wayside, you might get to do some extra cool stuff as an intern in Lucky's fashion closet.

So, if you're motivated, dedicated, obsessed with fashion, hard working, dying to get into the fashion industry/get your hands on the Louboutin for Philip Lim ruffled shoes and learn just how clothes get from designer to magazine, this is the opportunity for you.

You will also steam and invoice and perform general fashion closet intern tasks. They need you from now until mid-May and can, of course, give you school credit if you need it.

Also, as our own personal side note - interning at a major magazine is nothing like Running in Heels would have you think. Being a positive, upbeat, team player is essential to the job.

So, if you can handle that, if you're dying for that, email luckyfashioncloset[at]gmail.com.

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