Father O' Mine


We all know Father's Day is this weekend. Or if this is your reminder, get to rush ordering online stat!

And this dad's day-inspired story that Refinery29 did on their blog just made our Friday morning. They've got a slew of photos that staffers and fashion friends sent in of their cooler than cool dads.

Not surprisingly, Chris Benz' dad is kinda smokin' hot, way hip, and looks to have been shot in Cameron's garage from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And a little Kate Lanphear and her pop are in coordinating tanks. Aw!

Of course, it got me thinking about my own dad's style. (That is indeed him and yours truly in the photo. He rocks that sweet 'stache to this day...and now it's totally in again!) You see he's the one I got my shoe addiction from. The man loves a great pair of shoes. And he's so much more of a clothes horse than my mom.

My favorite fashion phase was when he got super into madras in the form of shorts, pants, and blazers. Actually, I think I'm going to tell him to bring those back into rotation.

What's your favorite dad fashion moment...good or bad?

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