Fashion + Politics is So Fall 08

alexander wang obama change tank.jpg

Hey, did you know we vote in the next President in about five weeks?

Because if you work in fashion (or if you own a TV, buy newspapers, etc) there's no way you could've missed it.

Way back in August, it was announced that a bunch of very cool designers (Zac, Marc, the Costello boys, the Rag & Bone boys, Narciso.. - and we don't think we need to tell you Alexander designed the long tank at left) would produce some cool merchandise for Barack Obama's official online store. And now that it's up, we're amazed they talked Marc all the way down to $75 for one of his bags (a canvas tote).

Then during Fashion Week, Barack pins became a hip accoutrement, as seen at Doucette Duvall and Rachel Roy (literally), to name a few.

Then Anna jumped in with that huge fundraiser, and Michelle Obama reciprocated by wearing fashion favorite (but mainstream nobody) Thakoon on the national stage twice, and now Marc's decorated his Bleecker Street storefront with not just Obama love, but Biden caps to boot.

So, is it helping out fashion's favorite candidate for President? Guess we won't know for a few more weeks. But in the meantime, we really wonder whether there are any McCain supporters among the fashion designer set, and what kind of excuses they have to give when approached to design Obama totes and tees...

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