Fall 09 Beauty: DIY

fall 09 diy makeup.jpg

Looks like the r-word hit the runways harder than we thought. I heard the term "DIY" batted around backstage so much it had me wondering if next season we might see models backstage with lash curlers and cans of Elnett in hand.

The smoky makeup at Chris Benz and Anna Sui along with the hair at Jason Wu, Rag & Bone, Wren and Miss Sixty were all fashioned to look as if the models had done it themselves. At the Twinkle by Wenlan show, MAC’s Gregory Arlt took the inspiration quite literally, letting some models curl their own lashes to get his “50's girl on a first date” look.

Good news for those of us trying to recreate these straight-from-the-runway looks at home, not so great news for beauty pros if some designers actually decide to take their words at face value and let the models do their own thing. While I doubt the reality of that particular scenario, you never really can be sure. Stranger things have happened at the tents.


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