Emma Roberts is the New Jennifer Love Hewitt

emma roberts strikes the model pose.jpg

Following in the footsteps of Mischa Barton, Hayden Panettiere, and everybody's favorite Party of Five cast member, Emma Roberts has just been signed on as the new brand ambassador for Neutrogena.

The 18-year old Nickelodeon princess, who made her rounds at Spring 09 last year in New York, has previously modeled for Dooney & Bourke, another hallmark of commercially successful teen queens (think Lindsay Lohan, and Hayden, again).

Interestingly, Neutrogena/Dooney girls tend to have a penchant for designing on the side: Lindsay's leggings, Mischa's line of purses, Hayden's guest designing for Dooney & Bourke, etc (fortunately, Jennifer Love's star fell long before starlets were required to design anything but careers with direct-to-video endings).

So is this the first of many stepping stones on the way to Emma Roberts, the Collection?

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