Embellishment Overload at Temperley


I'm feeling rather blunt.

Maybe it's the jet lag or maybe it's the freedom of being in a different country, but the truth is, I really didn't think there would be a show more over the top, read - worse than - Erin Fetherston.

Well, Alice Temperley, you've got her beat.

You were, at least, smart enough to put one of the worst dresses on the best models - see Jourdan Dunn. But you weren't smart enough to realize that ruffles, studs, bows, butterflies, feathers and beads probably don't all belong in one look.

Did you mean to have the front row whispering about how your usually made-for-women clothes are perfect for Taylor Momsen's next event?

With the exception of Iekeliene's exceptionally frothy dress and the Charlotte Olympia shoes, (which explain the front row presence of Alice Dellal), this collection won't even be ripped off by Forever 21.

And that sort of says it all.

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