Down To There Hair


I have been obsessing about growing out my hair since I got a choppy cut (avec bangs) in February.

It's not that the cut was bad, but I know better than to have a style that requires a lot of maintenance (read: blowing it dry)...not gonna happen. I've even taken to popping daily pre-natal vitamins for no reason other than making my hair grow faster.

As if I needed another reason to want my super long locks, along comes the Chanel couture show with its extra lengthy ponytails and pompadours.

I've never seen hair pieces - especially ones of different shades on the same head - used so beautifully. Some of the extensions even looked to be fashioned as the famous Chanel camellias which is such a subtly cool touch of house history.

Obviously, this isn't the kind of look you can create at home, but I am once again seeing some possible extensions in my future because the ponytail I'm sporting today now feels desperately inadequate.

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