Do You Wear a Watch? The Debate

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Natalie: Have you noticed all the press watches are getting lately? I feel like I've seen at least three or four round-ups in the past month alone.

Brett: So..?

Natalie: But who still wears a watch? I mean, isn't that what cell phones are for?

Brett: I wear my watch every day!

Britt: Well, I used to always wear my dad's watch, but lately I forget to put it on in the morning.

Natalie: Because you can just check the time on your cell, right?

Britt: Right. And I'm always late anyway.

Brett: But watches are a thing. They say something about the owner, and they're necessary.

Natalie and Britt: But they're not.

Brett: Well yeah, but there's something amazing about pulling up your shirt sleeve and checking your time on your watch. I mean, if someone walks up to you on the street and asks for the time [Editor's note: Natalie swears no one ever asks her for the time, Britt and Brett say "all the time."], it's so much cooler to look at your watch instead of your cell phone.

Britt: But I think men should wear watches.

Natalie: But why? Why men and not women? We all have phones.

Brett: (Cuts off Britt) Because watches are to men what handbags are to women.

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