Do You Have a Movie In You?

The International Film School Festival wants to see your short films.

They, in collaboration with CraneTV, launched their competition at the end of November, but you have until the end of February to enter a one to five minute short film in any one of the following categories: culture, art and design, fashion, green, lifestyle, ideas and travel.

So, technically, it can be about anything. The only guidelines they've set forth: We reward creativity and encourage you to offer fresh insider perspectives into your topic of choice. We would like to feel inspired and enriched by your contribution.

However, we'd obviously encourage diving into the world of fashion. Especially since Karl Lagerfeld's on the jury and we're told, "Projects with our jurors may materialize from this."

If you're feeling inspired or have some spare time on your hands, make your movie, upload it here and then send it our way. You might win money and equipment and your movie will be broadcast on international TV.

And if you're not feeling inspired, watch Karl's silent Chanel video at left - it may help.

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