DNA Needs Interns…


Like immediately. And for the women's division, as in the home of Doutzen, Edita, Magdalena, and Shalom - just to name a few.

Here's the deal: The internship is non-paid, but we can pretty much guarantee that what you'll learn and the people you'll have the opportunity to meet will be priceless. A fashion background is most definitely preferred, and if you happened to have just graduated with some sort of degree in something of the fashion persuasion, even better.

You absolutely must be handy on the computer and be able to behave like the professional and polite ladies and gentlemen we know that you are. And you might even be able to use any of those other languages you know, so be sure to mention if you speak more than one.

Email your resumes to Shawn at shawn.men@dnamodels.com

Good luck.

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