DKNY Ditches Model for It-Girl

harley viera newton.jpg

Wondering who's taking Vlada's spot as the face of DKNY's Spring 09 campaign?

According to NYLON, it's New York it girl Harley Viera Newton.

The pint-size NYU student/British rock/fashion offspring might not like being called an it-girl, but she's definitely not a model - yes, she's signed to Elite, but that does not a model make these days - so we're guessing she likes being an it-girl long enough to land a lucrative campaign.

She has great style and apparently great DJ skills, but we're kind of confused about who she appeals to. Aside from those who caught her I-tie-my-scarf-on-my-bag piece in Vogue, do most consumers know who she is? And how can she sell jeans?

Maybe they'll shoot on our street again and she'll pleasantly surprise us.

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