DIY Contest via Nicole Farhi


The first person to DIY the tulle leggings at Nicole Farhi, and send us a pair, wins a prize.

Not sure what it is yet, but you'll want it.


The Brit-only designer showed a Peter Som-inspired collection of dresses and skirts layered over sheer leggings and long sleeved shirts for a delicate, if not at times confusing, look at the Royal Opera House yesterday morning.

We loved the way Farhi threw a matching printed bra and skirt over a differently printed top, or the way the stylist did. We loved the Betty-Draper-goes-to-the-beach looks toward the end. And we loved the sun hats and the orange blush that made it look like the models were trying really hard not to smile.

There was nothing fashion forward about it, which is especially noticeable in London, but it was pretty - and comfortable.

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