Designer Imposters


The Trovata v. Forever 21 case may have ended in a mistrial, but it seems the beauty world (in Europe at least) is a step ahead in protecting designer brands.

WWD reports that the European Court of Justice ruled for L'Oreal and against three companies that were knocking perfumes owned by the cosmetics giant, including Trésor, Anaïs-Anaïs and Noa.

Not only had the companies created facsimiles of the scents, but also the bottles and even the outside packaging. Really, does it get more blatant than that?

Obviously, I'm no legal expert and I do realize that there are different trademark laws, etc associated with fragrances as opposed to clothing. But, regardless, it is refreshing to see legal protection being offered to a company whose resources, knowledge, and creativity are the reason the product exists in the first place.

If only we could just throw a little of that legal justice Trovata's way. Sigh.

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