Daphne is Not Doing POP

daphne guinness looking serious.jpg

If Daphne Guinness sounded like she was distancing herself from the POP project after the world pretty much laughed at Dasha Zhukova's appointment as editor-in-chief, it's because she, apparently, really was.

Yesterday, in regards to her involvement with POP, she told Derek Blasberg that she would like to "emphasize that I’m completely neutral here—I’m a free agent! Fashion is my family and I love everyone just the same.” It sounded weird, but ok.

And now today, she's blogged on the Starworks site that "it was so FUNNY to read on the web that I am on the new board of POP Magazine with Dasha Zhukova and my friend Ashley Heath. It was flattering but not true I am afraid. It came as a complete surprise. A complete misunderstanding! That is the nature of the web."

Guess the web - er, the Guardian, actually - got it wrong...

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