Dame Viv's Listening

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If I believed in fashion gods, Vivienne Westwood would be mine. I actually do worship the ground she walks on.

But I'm also very shy. So, when I was backstage at her Gold Label show in Paris last month, I talked to everyone except Viv. Both terrified and awe-inspired, I didn't deign to interrupt her creative process and instead gawked as she changed her own outfit fifteen times while tweaking the models, lacing up shoes, fussing with hair and monitoring make-up.

But now I can ask her questions in a more appropriate forum, and so can you - She's the latest subject of Time.com's 10 Questions series.

Log on, type in your question, (hopefully it's more inspired than the only one asked so far), and her answer might be printed in the actual magazine.

And then you can tell everyone that the two of you had a very serious fashion chat.

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