Cynthia Rowley, or Not

protesters at cynthia rowley.JPG

If we're going to be honest, we're going to tell you that the best part about a Cynthia Rowley show is the front row.

She lives in the West Village, plays in the West Village and has a store in the West Village which means she's bffs with people like Parker Posey and Philip Seymour Hoffman who are infinitely more interesting than her clothes.

So we're not pissed that we didn't get to see the collection, we're pissed that we stood outside amongst the protesters at left for forty minutes only to be told the venue was at capacity.

We asked one PR girl just who planned the show and she said LaForce+Stevens; the next said it was handled in house and the next offered me a perch in the doorway from which to see nothing but the back of the models.

A note to PRs - don't overbook your venues!!! If your client wants to have an intimate show, invite an intimate number of people, not enough to fill a place twice the size.

It's rude and it makes you look bad.

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