Converse + Sequins + Florent = Heaven

sequin converse.jpg

I'm not really a sneakers kind of girl.

But I did go to the Converse party last night because

a) Cute boys wear Converse, (usually).

b) The Young Lords performed, and we like to play groupie.

c) It was at Florent, or the space that used to be Florent, and I was feeling nostalgic.

d) The one pair of sneakers living in my closet are black Converse.

But now, I want these sequined ones, too. Even though sequins are everywhere and I don't really like them - there's something appealing about a sneaker sparkle partnership.

I might be in the right frame of mind, or they might be as amazing as I think they are. I just need someone to scribble on the soles with black Sharpie and they'll be perfect.

I think you need them, too.

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