Conde Wants More Video

glamour cover with miss drew barrymore.jpg

Looks like the Model.Live series proved very successful for Conde Nast.

They've just announced an ongoing partnership with video publishing platform Brightcove, for at least five of their magazine sites (Wired, Portfolio, Self, Parade and Glamour).

Translation? You're about to see a lot more video content on Conde sites, powered by lots of advertising from companies that are leery of sinking their dollars into print pages, especially since even Conde magazines haven't been doing very well.

It's no secret that Conde's kind of been behind in terms of getting their websites up to 2008 standards (though they've recently made strides by hiring a bevy of blogging babes over at Glamour) so this definitely signals a shift in their approach to survival.

So does this move from one of the biggest media companies in the world signal a shift in how the magazine industry itself needs to operate to survive (sans network television)? Guess we'll see.

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