Condé Nast to Close


We just read over on The Cut (via Ad Age) that will close come October once Si Newhouse et al establish stand-alone sites for both Details and GQ. Many of the staffers will thankfully head over to those two sites.

This is supposed to be part of the plan to give each title at 4 Times Square its own site which, you know, makes a lot of sense. But why the heck it's taking them so long is another matter. is in the clear at the moment, but we wonder for how long. WWD reported this morning that consultants from McKinsey & Co. have been hired by the publishing giant to "realign Condé Nast to be a successful business in an emerging economy that is now predicted to be painfully slow in recovering" according to CEO Chuck Townsend.

No area of the company is off limits and we're betting that the web (long a thorn in Condé 's side) will be much discussed.

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