Citing Poor Economy, Elite Cuts 60 Girls


Anyone watching Model.Live knows that in the fashion industry, "you have to spend money to make money."

But spend too much and you end up stuck in the recession glut - a prospect making some agencies cut back.

A model at Elite told us that her prestigious bookers just slashed 60 girls, the ones it didn't think could recoup on their plane tickets / apartment fees / etc.

Still on their roster, of course, is Coco Rocha, along with Australian up-and-comers like Alice Burdeau, Emma Beam, and Stephanie Carta, and socialite It Girls such as Harley Viera Newton and Victoria Traina. Damaris Lewis, left, is also still on their boards.

But what about all the newly signed Top Model rejects like Anya and Katarjyna? They're currently listed as "out of town." If they'll ever come back, guess we'll see...

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