Chris Hearts Henry, We Heart Both


Henry Holland's show started about an hour late. But when the lights finally went down, the 90210 theme song blared from the speakers, so we couldn't be mad.

The models, starting with Agyness of course and including Chanel, Julia Dunstall and some handsome British boys, pranced out of an archway built of gorgeous fresh hydrangeas. Henry's family sat in the front row, which was maybe the cutest thing we've ever seen at a runway show, while Christopher Bailey perched on the back window, (actually, he might be the cutest thing we've ever seen at a show).

Henry's House of Holland collection was playful, spandexy, colorful and even plain silly at times. But out of nowhere came a couple of well-constructed, totally wearable party dresses, including the baby blue petaled one worn by Ali Michael and the purple pouf Agyness wore to close the show. We wish we could have the yellow skirt Vlada wore for Vivienne Westwood tonight, or even the polka dot poufs from the end, but we'll have to wait for spring.

Can we have Chris in the meantime?

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