Chloë's Big Love of Fashion


Chloë Sevigny mentioned to that she'd be interested in collaborating with a high-end company, voicing admiration for Sofia Coppola's collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

Now, we've loved Chloë since Kids and her intern days at Sassy, and think she has great personal style, but her collection for Opening Ceremony was...fine. The pieces she rocks best usually aren't her own designs. So, I'm not sure why she should garner so much positive attention as a potential designer.

It's not that I think actresses or singers or artists shouldn't be able to try their hand at design (I too am loving the Sofia-designed Louis bag), but just because a gal (or guy) dresses well, doesn't mean they should be invited into the fashion industry to run around like a kid in a candy shop.

Everyone cheers for Chloë but freaks out about Miley and Lindsay. The freak-outs are for good reason, no arguments here. But I'm also personally done with Chloë as fashion designer.


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