Cheryl Cole + Kate = New Topshop Line?

cheryl cole on cover of vogue uk.jpg

She's currently the cover girl of British Vogue, has had 19 smash hits with her band - and is now turning her hand to design?

That’s right - The News of the World reports that Cheryl Cole will be designing a new range for Topshop, with the help of new BFF, none other than the lady herself, Kate Moss.

According to backstage reports at the X Factor (American Idol), Cheryl and Kate instantly hit it off, gushing about each other all night:

“When Cheryl said she wanted to get into high street fashion, Kate got very, very animated. It’s very likely to happen next year...Together they could make an amazingly diverse range.”

So, it will basically be something like this:

Rock Chic - Herion Chic + WAG = BIG MONEY

ps. Here's the horrific cover that was surrounded with so much controversy.


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