Chanel's Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

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We've started to think of Chanel as a little family.

A royal one of course, with Karl and Lady Amanda Harlech holding court as king and queen, Sebastian playing court jester, and a circle of courtesans, some of whom are in for life (Karen) and some (Irina, Heidi, Lara) who move in and out of favor.

Anyway, the family gathered in Venice yesterday for Chanel's Cruise '10 (ah!) show and while it didn't go off without a hitch, the clothes held their own in front of the Venetian sunset. The king was late and the queen suffered a mosquito-stung eye, but after the audience took to their wooden deck chairs the girls - Freja, Ikeliene, Siri, Tanya, Liu, Jourdan - strutted down the beach in stripes, tweeds, florals, pajama-like silks and even harlequin prints. There were loads of jewels, strappy sandals, plastic booties and even lace-trimmed biker shorts that make all our thirteen-year-old style dreams come true.

We hope someone packed up the Marchesa Casati-inspired wigs for this weekend's Life Ball in Vienna while we imagine a dress or two is already headed to Cannes.

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