Celebrities' Fashion Comeback: Duff & Alba

hilary duff femme for dkny.jpg

Uh oh.

One of the upsides to this whole recession thing has been the total drop-off of celebrity clothing lines. We thought we were free and clear of the phenomenon for at least a couple years, but alas, no luck.

WWD broke the story on Hilary Duff's new line for DKNY a la Rachel Bilson. This one's called Femme and includes fringed tanks, faux-leather leggings, t-shirts with detachable chain necklaces and crystal strapped tanks. She's grown out of her Stuff by Hilary Duff line and is excited to be a part of "the perfect line for young girls who can’t afford to buy a lot of clothes these days."

Then, tucked into a strange story about DVF's luncheon for Jessica Alba's Elle shoot is this: " [Alba] has her own fashion project in the works." But we can't even speculate on what Jessica Alba has to offer the struggling fashion industry.

Instead, we'll take solace in the news that Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant is finally launching her own line and keep our heads down and our minds focused on next week.

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