Camilla Nickerson Needs an Intern

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It's the ones like this that make us wish we were still in the intern phase of our lives - Camilla Nickerson needs an intern.

The super stylist, like super-duper stylist, has worked everywhere from American Vogue to W, on campaigns from YSL to Michael Kors and needs your help with a little bit of everything.

Experience is preferred, but enthusiasm and an insane passion for the industry can be equally as helpful. Like most fashion internships, it's kind of an around the clock job so let's say five days a week, from 9am to 5pm starting now and lasting through the summer. Needless to say it'll probably be one of your top college experiences and determine whether or not you can survive the fashion industry.

With that said, email your resume and brief cover letter to

Bonne chance!

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